Menu, El Deseo Restaurant – Plaza de la Romanilla (Granada).

You’ll find different entrées in our menu: from our delicious Cod “Truffles” to the diverse Tartars our customers love. Savour the most exotic salads at “El Deseo” restaurant, such as our chicken salad or our legendary tomato delirium, noted for its quality and unbeatable combination of ingredients.

We also showcase different fried foods, such as the typical Cartuchito Andaluz, a classic in our cuisine, which consists of tender calamari accompanied by colourful fresh vegetables, fried for just the right time and served in a paper cone.

If Italian food with a personal and different touch is your thing, we recommend our delicious pastas and pizzas, which are so different from the ones found in this area. Try the dishes that delight our clients, such as Ravioli Montés or our Contadina “Blanca” pizza.

And if, eventually, you feel like tasting something more native of Granada, allow us to surprise you with our unique dishes, such as our Premium Sirloin or our Crayfish Couscous, among other delicious dishes that are ever so popular.

And to end the evening on the best possible note, you mustn’t leave the restaurant without trying one of our famous desserts, such as our Chocolate Volcano, a mini chocolate tartlet that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, with vanilla ice cream.

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